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Air Jordan 2012

Air Jordan 2012

Customizing your sneakers has been around for a while now, but the Air Jordan 2012 takes it one step further. Now, each kick is offered with two interchangeable inner sleeves – one for maximum mobility, one for maximum protection – as well as three interchangeable midsoles that offer a mix of Zoom and Air cushioning to match your needs.

These kicks will run you between $180-$225.

Vintage Series HRE Wheels

Everyone wants to be like Mike. The raging popularity of re-releasing retro kicks (Jordans in particular) has spilled over into automotive shoes with high-end wheel company, HRE, producing their Vintage Series featuring updated versions of past iconic wheels. We think this is a great idea and assume more wheel companies will follow suit.

The Phantom Challenger Grille by DJ Grilles

The Phantom Challenger Grille by DJ Grilles

We just came across the new Phantom Hidden Headlight Grille for Dodge Challenger by DJ Grilles and had to post it. After much success with their Phantom Camaro Grille, they decided to offer it for Challengers as well.

The bezels have been track tested at over 140 MPH while installed. Each bezel can be removed or installed in less than 10 seconds for the pair and require only one fastener per side. Each grille is designed with stainless steel trim that can be custom painted to accompany other modifications to the vehicle.

Challenger Phantom Grille, would you rock it?

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M.I.A. ‘Bad Girls’ | Saudi Extreme Stunt Culture

If you watched the Super Bowl yesterday, you probably caught M.I.A. (and her middle finger) during Madonna’s performance. She recently dropped a video that’s pretty intriguing, mildly exposing a culture that most of us have only seen on grainy YouTube videos. To give you a perspective, check the clip below:

As you can see, these guys are nuts but you gotta respect their skills and/or balls – although they clearly have no regard for their lives or others. Don’t get it twisted, in no way do we condone this type of nonsense. Anyway, Check MIA’s new video below.

Although the video lacks AK47s and innocent bystanders risking their lives, it still does a decent job exposing a car culture that no one really wants to acknowledge but is definitely as real as it gets.

Shout out to our boy Jason for tipping us on the clip!

New RIDES Cover | T-Top ‘Maro!

The March/April 2012 issue of RIDES Magazine features a 2011 Camaro SS with the first T-Top conversion in addition to the custom paint, widebody and Forgiatos. Shout out to Andrew Link Photography on the DOPE cover! Issue should be on stands by the end of the month!

Future & T.I. ‘Magic’ | Old Schools Burnin’ Out!

ATL artist, Future, has some serious momentum right now and having T.I. on the remix of Magic surely doesn’t hurt. We knew this particular video was on the horizon and we think the visual turned out just as dope as the treatment suggested. As we’ve made painfully obvious we love just about any video with custom cars, especially doing big smokey burnouts. The video features a yellow Lemans and a matte black, murerded-out Laguna (shout out to Certified Whips) laying down some serious rubber. Props to Decatur Dan for directing another dope visual!

Check out behind the scenes coverage from Atlanta’s own Creative Loafing here and some behind the scenes footage below!

#ForSaleFriday | Kandy ’66 Deville

#ForSaleFriday | Kandy ’66 Deville

We had the privilege of experiencing this beautiful bagged Caddy in person at the SEMA show and we know whoever ends up with it will be one lucky mf. Typically purple kandy is considered over-the-top but with the stance and 22″ Smoothies something about this car just works. From the ad it seems like the owner is just testing the waters but shoot him a price and you might just be dropping the top yourself some day! Check the for sale link here for more pics and his Cardomain here for even more pics including shots from the build.

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