Automotive Photographer Spotlight : Scott Dukes

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Even though the term ‘photographer‘ broadened a bit as everyone with a DLSR started a Facebook fan page, flickr and blog, it actually makes us appreciate the genuine photographers more who make a living off of their craft and feed us the excellent images that we reblog, post and put up in our garages. These true artists are  seriously to be commended and once a month, Carma will be showcasing the most influential photographers in the automotive world.

This month we’re showcasing Scott Dukes. Born and raised in Los Angeles, Scott has been a professional photographer for five years and has shot for RIDES, Super Street and Car & Driver among others. He also has done commercial photography for General Motors, Bosch and Kumho tires. Make sure to check out Scott’s blog, flickr and follow him on his twitter!

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CARMA: How long have you been a professional photographer?

SD: Five years.


CARMA: What was the first car you ever shot and who was it for?

SD: It was an Acura Integra, DA chassis. I originally shot it just to build my personal portfolio but it was eventually picked up by Honda tuning for a cover feature.


CARMA:    What was your most memorable shoot and why?

SD:  I’d say shooting Carl Edwards and his #60 Nascar for Vitamin water.  It was my first proper commercial advertising job.


CARMA:    What is your favorite car personally?

SD:    I’ve taken a liking to the Lotus Elise and the Porsche GT3.


CARMA:    In your opinion, what is the qualification for being a photographer?

SD:  Whether a hobbyist, part-time or full-time shooter there’s nothing specific in my eyes that ‘qualifies’ one as a photographer, really.


CARMA:  Any other thoughts about photography in general?

SD: If photography wasn’t my full time job, I’d be shooting for fun.  I think it’s a great art form to be into, even at the most basic level.