PM Narendra Modi’s appeal to the world to speak again on crypto currency and social media


Democracy Summit 2021: Prime Minister Narendra Modi has once again raised the demand for making global rules regarding crypto currency and social media. Democracy Summit 2021: Prime Minister Narendra Modi once again Then there has been a demand for making global rules regarding crypto currency and social media.

The PM said that if these two new streams of technology are not regulated, it will increase the threat to democracy.

‘The power of democracy lies in the people’

Speaking at the Democracy Summit 2021 organized online by US President Joe Biden, PM Modi said that the meaning of democracy lies with the people and in the people. He said structural features like multi-party elections, independent judiciary and independent media are important elements of any democracy. “However, the fundamental strength of democracy is the spirit and ethos inherent in our citizens and society,” he said.

Talking on Social Media and Crypto currencies ‘

Prime Minister Narendra Modi, while addressing the virtual conference, appealed to make global rules for the regulation of social media and crypto currencies. “We must jointly create global rules for emerging technologies like social media and crypto currencies, so that they are used to strengthen democracy, not weaken it,” he said.

PM raised the demand for regulation’

In the last three weeks, this is the second time that Modi has appealed to work together to regulate crypto currencies. In his virtual address in the ‘Sydney Dialogue’ on November 18, he appealed to democratic nations to work together to ensure that crypto currencies do not go under the control of the wrong people.

In the Democracy Summit 2021, the Prime Minister said that democratic spirit is an integral part of our civilizational ethos. The colonial rule of centuries could not suppress the democratic spirit of the people of India. “It found full expression again with the independence of India and created a unique saga of democratic nation building in the last 75 years,” he said.

India an example to the world ‘

PM Modi said, ‘This is a saga of unprecedented socio-economic inclusion in all sectors. It is a saga of continuous progress in health, education and human welfare on an unimaginable scale. The story of India is a clear message to the world. Democracy can succeed, democracy has been successful and democracy will continue to function successfully.

We need to learn from each other.’

He said that by working together, democratic countries can fulfill the aspirations of the citizens, they can realize the democratic spirit of humanity. PM Modi said, ‘India is ready to join hands with other democracies in this noble endeavour’. He said that different parts of the world are walking on different paths of democratic development and a lot needs to be learned from each other.


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