Saudi Arabia imposed ban on Tabligi Jamaat, told the biggest entry gate of terrorism


Saudi Arabia has decided to ban Tablighi Jamaat, the largest organization of Sunni Muslims. Describing the biggest gate of terrorism, the government there has completely banned the Tablighi Jamaat.

The Saudi government also believes that if the wrong deeds of Tablighi Jamaat are brought to the people, they will be continuously informed about it, in such a situation the importance of Tablighi will be reduced in the society. Now because there is a large Muslim population in Saudi Arabia, this decision can prove to be a big setback for the Tablighi Jamaat.

For information, let us tell you that this is the same Tablighi Jamaat, due to which there was a lot of ruckus in India last year. It was said that during the first wave of Corona in the country, the Tablighi Jamaat had increased the danger. All that ruckus remained in India, but now Saudi Arabia has taken the biggest action on Tablighi. By imposing a direct ban, a strong message has been given to many countries.

Talking about the Tablighi Jamaat organization, its job is to give religious sermons about Islam. But from time to time this organization has also been accused of making provocative statements and now Saudi Arabia has associated its name with terrorism.

While issuing a clear order, the government has said that from now on there is no need for people to meet Tablighi Jamaat during Friday prayers, it will not be mandatory to have any kind of contact with them.

According to the government, this organization is dangerous for the society and has the potential to open the doors of terrorism in the country. For this reason, the government has also appealed to all the mosques that people should be made aware through them, why and how Tablighi Jamaat is dangerous for the society.


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