Bowtie South delivers a Fastback

After almost a year of restoration time, the crew at Bowtie South have finally completed their first old school Mustang project and it has been delivered to its owner, Ernest Wilford, formerly of the Jacksonville Jaguars. This ’67 Fastback has staggered Forgiatos, big brakes and a stout pro touring-spec suspension. Check out the video of the delivery (and the DOPE Kodiak towing the trailer!)

Muscle Monday – ’67 Chevelle

Muscle Monday is going to the dark side today with this sinister ’67 Chevelle from Alabama via Super Chevy. With the ultimate balance of looks and performance, this Chevelle leans more towards the Pro Touring side of the fence with its modded 502 Big Block and track-ready suspension. The ‘Velle also sports a set of staggered 20″ Boze Forged wheels with a ridiculous 20×12 in the rear. Check out the full write-up with additional pics from Super Chevy here.

#ForSaleFriday – Custom F350 Dually

In custom car culture Dually trucks are extremely important, so much so that these workhorses are being customized as much as the rides they are towing. There’s nothing better than pulling up to a car show or an event with a custom Dually and a custom old school in tow. #ForSaleFriday this week celebrates these beasts with a super-custom F350 that we saw in person while in Miami. This particular Ford is unique because it’s actually a ’99 model converted over with all the 2010 exterior and interior parts. In addition to the face lift,  it has 26″ Diesel wheels, a stereo system that literally drowned out the music on stage at the Dub show and a few performance upgrades as well. The price may seem a bit steep but we assure you, there is probably twice the asking price in this truck. Check out the eBay link and more pictures here. Shout out to Power Audio for doing such an amazing job on this truck!

Corner Boy P Vids | Custom Car Culture

If you follow us on Twitter or know us personally, you already know that we’re on that #JetLife #Cruislife ish. Not only are they lyrically murdering most of the rappers that get radio play right now, but they’re also down with the custom car culture that we represent.  So every time the Jets put out something dope that also showcases some fresh rides, we gotta post it. These videos (by the Dopest Nerds) are from Corner Boy P,  if you aren’t familiar with his music directly we know you’ve heard some of his stuff on Spitta‘s mixtapes at least. Check out these videos from P and tell a couple friends! (Shout out to Fiend also, we see you in the vids homie!)

Canibeat x Good Guys | West Coast Nationals

Before anything we want to commend Canibeat for covering the Good Guys show, we know it’s a little outside of their box but we’re sure their readers appreciate the diversity. The Good Guys car show circuit has been around since the early ’80s and features muscle cars, classics and hot rods for the most part. The West Coast nationals always brings out the best and if you want to see some old schools with more money in them than most people’s homes, it’s a must that you attend. Check the full coverage from Canibeat here.

Whips, Chicks & Hip-Hop | Berner x Breezy x Wiz x K.R.I.T. | “Yoko”

Custom car culture and hip hop have always gone hand-in-hand and we admire dope examples of the fusion between the two. We’ve heard this song before but didn’t know much about it until catching a post on BallerStatus about the video. It’s definitely something we’re interested in; burnouts and drifting, dope cars (including CB’s personal Gallardo) and  nice lookin’ females – can’t really go wrong with all that. True, we’ve never heard of Berner and although we respect Breezy’s hustle, have never copped any of his albums but we’re down with Wiz and definitely eff with K.R.I.T.

“Back Flip” Air Jordan III

As if there hasn’t been enough options for Air Jordan III lovers this year, Air Randy posted the “Black Flip” colorway. There is no mention if or when this edition will actually drop, especially with the OG ‘Black Cement’ version coming later this year and we’re kind of the fence about this colorway anyway. We love the all-black but they do look like fakes you can cop at the flea market. Maybe without the print it would look a little better? Regardless, check out the pics and let us know what you think!

#ForSaleFriday – ’63 Biscayne

It’s been a couple weeks since we’ve given you a #ForSaleFriday and what better to bring it back with than a potential Low Rod candidate. Maple Motors has a sweet ’63 Biscayne on their lot with a set of staggered matte gray and polished lip 18/20s, lowered stance and a super clean interior. The engine bay is respectable but we would probably drop in a larger small block and maybe even bag it. At under 15 stacks this a great deal, check out the rest of the details here.

DUB Show | Miami | Recap

As you know, we chose the Miami DUB Show to officially Launch our brand and we’re proud to say it was a great success! It was a risky move launching at a car show, especially one as big as this with so many other distractions attractions, but it all worked out for the best.  The brand garnered tons of attention and we got some great feedback. Thanks again to everyone for supporting CARMA!

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