Train Rules: If it is a night train, then know that after 10:00, these 4 rules TTE will not disturb


Whenever you travel in a train, you have to follow many rules. The same happens with TTEs and they also do not follow many train rules while checking tickets.

TTE also cannot inquire passengers repeatedly without any reason. Many times passengers complain that when they travel in the train, they are unable to sleep due to TTE checking tickets again and again, so today we tell you that TTE (Indian Railway TTE) How can I check tickets?

If you are traveling in night train then you get special rights and TTE has to follow some rules while checking tickets at night. Because of these rules, TTE will not be able to disturb you at night. In such a situation, today we are telling you about those rules, after knowing about which you can refuse to harass TTE again and again. So you know what those rules are.

Cannot ticket after 10 o’clock

Whenever there is a night train, the passengers want to sleep after having food. But, there are complaints of passengers that TTE wakes them up several times in the night. But, do you know that TTE cannot disturb you after 10 o’clock in the night. They cannot wake up after 10 pm to check tickets, show ID. In such a situation, TTE will have to do this work before 10 pm. For example, suppose your train is at 8 pm, then TTE will check your ticket by 10 pm. But, due to some special and urgent reasons, they can disturb the passenger.

If there is a train after 10 o’clock?

If suppose you have started the train journey only after 10 o’clock then this rule will not be applicable in this case. That is, after 10 pm TTE can see the tickets of those passengers who are sitting in the train only after 10 pm. Passengers catching the train at night will have to show the ticket and ID to the TTE even at night.

Rules for middle berth after 10 pm

According to the rules of the railways, a passenger with a middle berth can sleep in his berth only from 10 pm to 6 am. If a passenger wants to stop the opening of the middle berth before 10 pm, then he can be stopped. At the same time, after 6 am, the berth will have to be lowered so that other passengers can sit on the lower berth.

Can’t charge after 11 hrs

In many zone trains, the power supply in the train is stopped at 11 pm. That is, if there is a night journey, then you have to charge the mobile or laptop before 11 o’clock. Now many trains do not have night charging facility.


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