MP Corona Death: Those who take the third wave lightly, must read this news, the death toll of corona in MP


In Indore, 1784 new cases of corona have been registered in the last 24 hours. According to the data, 1426 people have died due to corona in Indore so far. At the same time, 9 people have died in the last 24 hours in the state.

MP Corona Death: During the third wave of corona, the death toll in Madhya Pradesh has reached 9 in the last 24 hours. The third wave is the largest figure ever. Earlier, the death toll of 8 positive patients has been registered. Let us inform that in the third wave of Corona, the death toll is increasing continuously in Ujjain-Indore division. Indore has the highest number of deaths in Madhya Pradesh. Apart from this, the number of corona positive patients is also the highest here. If we talk about the last 24 hours, then six people have died due to corona in Indore.

Indore at the forefront of the number of infected

Let us inform that till now Indore is one of the top corona infected cities of Madhya Pradesh. Here the number of corona is also increasing continuously. So far, 197636 patients of corona have come to the fore in Indore. Apart from this, 1784 patients have been registered here in 24 hours. According to government figures, 1426 people have died due to corona in Indore so far, while ex-gratia amount of Rs 12 crore has been distributed to 2400 people here, thus the difference between the official figure and the actual figure is also visible. It is clear from this that the death toll may go up even more in the coming days. 9 people have died in entire Madhya Pradesh while 8 people died in Ujjain Indore division. This shows that the number of people who died of corona in Ujjain Indore division is increasing rapidly.

2 deaths in Ujjain and Ratlam

Apart from Indore, the death toll is also increasing continuously in Ujjain division. In Ujjain, one death was recorded from corona in the last 24 hours, while in Ratlam district also one person died of corona for the second consecutive day.

The myth of no death in the third wave is broken

In the last few days, the death toll from Corona was increasing gradually, so it was believed that more people would not die in the third wave, but where more corona positive cases are coming up, the death toll will also increase. Used to be. According to Dr Raunak Elchi, people suffering from serious diseases need to be very cautious.

Now towards Corona in Indore – Collector

Indore Collector Manish Singh said that people who are getting reports of death due to corona in Indore were suffering from kidney transplant, serious heart disease. If it is said that purely corona is the cause of death then it would be wrong, but there is a great need to take precaution now. In Indore, the number of corona positive patients had reached 3000, which is now slowly declining. Now corona patients are coming inside since 1800. It is expected that the figure will decrease further, but there is a dire need for people to follow social distancing and wear masks.


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