Increase omicron sub-variant BA.2 risk in 40 countries including India


Scientists are keeping a close eye on a recently discovered sub-version of the Omicron variant of the COVID-19 virus to determine how its emergence may affect the spread of the pandemic in the future.

The early Omicron variant has become the most dangerous strain of the virus in recent months, but British health officials have specifically identified hundreds of cases of the latest variant, named ba.2, while international data suggest it is spreading relatively quickly. may spread.

The UK Health Protection Agency (UKHSA) has identified more than 400 cases of BA.2 in the UK in the first ten days of this month, indicating that new variants of Omicron have also been detected in around 40 other countries. Under this, some countries like India, Denmark Sweden have the highest number of patients associated with the sub-variant in the most recent cases.

The UKHSA indicated on Friday that it had designated Omicron’s sub-variant ba.2 as a variant under investigation (VUI) as its cases continued to rise. However, the reason for most of the cases of Kovid-19 coming in Britain these days is BA.1.

The British Authority underlined that “there is still uncertainty about the significance of changes to the viral genome,” which requires monitoring. Meanwhile, if we look at the cases in recent times, India has seen a sharp increase in BA.2 cases especially in Denmark.

Omicron is considered to be the most dangerous of the various forms of the corona virus. The World Health Organization (WHO) named it Omicron on 26 November, describing it as ‘worrisome’. ‘Worrying nature’ is the WHO’s top category of more dangerous forms of corona virus.

The delta variant of the corona virus was also placed in this category. The more infectious form of Kovid B. was first reported to the WHO on 24 November from South Africa.


  • India Denmark especially saw a sharp rise in BA.2 cases
  • BA.1 is the reason for most of the cases of Kovid-19 coming in the UK these days.
  • New variants of Omicron revealed in 40 countries


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