Ranchi and Jaipur flight can be received from Raipur airport next month


Raipur (Naiduniya Representative). It is good for the air travelers of the state that in the new year, they can get the gift of flights from Raipur to Ranchi and Jaipur. Kirti Vyas, former president of Travel Agents Association of India (MP-CG), has also written a letter to the airline for this.

The former chairman of TAI (MP-CG) said that within the next one to one and a half months, new flights can start for these cities. Possibilities are also being explored by the airline for this. Travels businessmen say that with the start of Ranchi and Jaipur flights, it will be very good for common travelers as well as business. Due to this, there is a demand to start flights for these areas.

Also need flight to Varanasi

Along with these cities, there is a demand to start flying for Varanasi as well. Recently, CAT had also submitted a memorandum for this. CAIT says that there will be a large number of air travelers to Varanasi. Along with this, business and business will also increase.

New atc tower soon

A new ATC tower is also going to start soon at Raipur airport. Aviation officials say that this ATC tower is as per international standards and everyone will benefit from its commissioning. With its introduction, night landing of aircraft will be more easy. It is being told that along with this there is hope of many new airlines coming.


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