MST pass facility started in these 10 pairs of trains in Rajasthan see list


Bikaner. Giving a big relief to the up-downers, Bikaner Railway Division has started the facility of Monthly Season Ticket (MST) in 19 pairs of trains.

Apart from this, doubling work is to be done between Merta Road- Degana section of Jodhpur Division. Due to this non-interlocking block is being taken due to which train number 22421, Jodhpur-Delhi Sarai daily train service will remain cancelled between Jodhpur-Degana from 14.12.21 to 25.12.21 (12 trips). Train No. 22422, Delhi Sarai – Jodhpur daily train service will remain cancelled between Degana-Jodhpur from 13.12.21 to 24.12.21 (12 trips).

MST facility started in these trains of Bikaner division:

1. Train No. 04701/02, Lalgarh-Abohar-Lalgarh Passenger (Except Bathinda on Lalgarh-Bathinda-Lalgarh Railway Section)

2. Train No. 09749/50, Suratgarh – Bathinda – Suratgarh Passenger (Except Bathinda on Suratgarh – Bathinda – Suratgarh section)

3. Train No. 04781/82, Bathinda – Rewari – Bathinda Passenger (Except Bathinda on Bathinda – Rewari – Bathinda section)

4. Train No. 14721/22, Jodhpur-Bathinda-Jodhpur Express (Except Bathinda on Jodhpur-Bathinda-Jodhpur section)

5. Train No. 14737/38, Bhiwani – Tilak Bridge – Bhiwani Express (Except Rohtak on Bhiwani – Rohtak – Bhiwani section)

6. Train No. 04090/89, Hisar – New Delhi – Hisar Passenger (Except Rohtak on Hisar – Rohtak – Hisar section)

7. Train No. 14086/85, Sirsa-Tilakbridge-Sirsa Express (on Sirsa-Rewari-Sirsa section)

8. Train No. 14729/30, Rewari – Fazilka – Rewari Express (Except Bathinda on Rewari – Bathinda – Rewari section)

9. Train No. 14734/33, Rewari-Sriganganagar-Rewari Express (Except Bathinda on Rewari-Bathinda-Rewari section)

10. Train No. 04083/84, Jind – Hisar – Jind Passenger (Except Bathinda on Hisar – Bathinda – Hisar section)

Journey started on general ticket in these trains

The facility of general trickery has been started in these 3 trains running from Jaipur-Jodhpur on behalf of North Western Railway. Journey on general ticket has been started in Jaipur-Udaipur-Jaipur, Jaipur-Jodhpur-Jaipur, Jodhpur-Jaisalmer. MST pass will be valid in all three. Apart from this, Udaipur City – Newjalpaiguri – Udaipur City rail service will now operate on LHB rake. 2 trains connected to Jaipur will have LHB rake.


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