COVID 19:Corona virus is the most deadly for these parts, this damage is happening to the body


Covid 19 Side Effect: The effect of corona infection is the most on people’s hair, skin, heart, breath and lungs. Do you know which parts of the body are being affected the most by the corona?

Coronavirus Effects On Body Part: The corona epidemic has completely changed the lives of people for the last 2 years. While on the one hand there have been many changes in the lifestyle, on the other hand it is also having a bad effect on the body. During the Corona period, most people have done work from home, due to which the problem of obesity has increased. Working late night, spending more time on laptop is affecting the eyes. If you have come under the grip of corona infection then it is even more dangerous. This virus is badly affecting all the parts of the body. After Kovid, the problem of hair loss, problems related to heart, lungs, eyes and skin are increasing significantly. Know how and which organs the corona is affecting.

1- Lung-

Corono virus attacks the lungs first. Doctors say that corona causes wounds in the lungs. After recovery from this, the capacity of the lungs decreases. In such a situation, the lungs do not shrink on their own, it is called scarring. Such people are more prone to lung infections.

2- Heart-

Corona also attacks the heart. The risk of heart-related diseases has also increased significantly in the corona epidemic. Doctors say that it has also affected the heart of people who have had corona for a long time. During this, the hypertension control rate has also fallen.

3-Respiratory Problem-

Doctors say that respiratory problems are being seen in serious patients of corona. In such people, there is a problem of breathlessness while exercising. This problem has increased due to pollution.

4- Eyes-

In Corona, from office to studies, everything is being done online. In such a situation, due to increasing screen time, there is a problem of swelling and dryness in the eyes. People have also started having problems related to vision due to spending more time on the phone. People are facing the problem of digital eye strain.

5- Skin and hair-

Wearing masks is also increasing people’s skin-related problems. Swelling, acne and rash have started on the lips. The reason for the problem of skin irritation and infection is sweating in the mask and it causes skin infection. At the same time, some people are also facing the problem of hair loss after corona. Post covid hair loss has become a common problem.

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