The Lowrider community (in my opinon) is the richest and most family-oriented corner of automotive culture, hands down. If you’ve ever had the opportunity to chill with a lowrider club or attend an event or cruise, you would understand exactly what I’m talking about as it’s a bit difficult to properly put into words. Whereas some genres are short-lived or go mainstream, the Lowrider movement has maintained virtually the same identity for decades.

Stephen Brooks Films recently composed a documentary-style short film focused on the De Alba family. I’ve had have had the chance to talk with this family and car club before on other projects so seeing this film was additionally interesting for me. I am enamored by this film as it speaks to everything that is right about custom car culture and really emphasizes the human element of it all. It should be noted again that this film was dedicated to the memory of Luis Padilla and David ‘Topo’ Tiscareno.

Also check out GrinderTV’s behind the scenes look of this film being produced here!

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