About Us

 Carma is a premium streetwear apparel brand influenced by custom car culture. Carma pays homage to this culture by capturing its bare elements in their rawest form, reinforcing the enthusiasm of its advocates and sparking fresh interest from the unaware.

Created by a team that has dedicated their lives to both streetwear and custom cars, we strive to confirm our authenticity by providing apparel for those who seek a means to represent their passion.

Carma represents all who appreciate the culture; bloggers, photographers, artists, gear heads, forum fanatics and anyone who simply admires custom automobiles and the culture that surrounds them.

Some may have more of an indirect connection. Maybe your Uncle had a fresh old school he always tinkered with or a neighbor who drives by at night with thunderous exhaust giving you goose bumps. Regardless, we understand that passion and we strive to blend that into quality apparel you’re proud to wear.



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