WORTHY WINNER Watch Team GB’s Gus Kenworthy recover from horror crash in freeski halfpipe to finish eighth in Beijing then QUIT sport


GUS KENWORTHY thankfully walked away from a nasty crash on his final Olympics experience.

The Essex-born skier – who represented America at two previous Games – slammed his back on his second run on the the top of the half pipe curve amid difficult conditions.

The 30-year-old recovered from that spectacular fall and finished eighth in his final run in his last competitive event, which was won by New Zealander Nico Porteous.

The Sochi slope style silver medallist is now retiring from skiing and is likely to pursue acting opportunities.

LA-based Kenworthy said: “I still had more that I wanted but after that bad slam I’m really just happy to be walking, land a run and get through it in one piece.

“In skiing, I really think wind is the biggest factor that we face. 

“Snow we can deal with, speed we can deal with, even if a halfpipe isn’t up to your liking you can adapt.

“But when it’s windy and there are gusts, it’s out of your control and it’s kind of a luck game.”

Kenworthy, who switched colours to honour his British mum, added: “Skiing has meant the whole world to me.. 

“I started doing this when I was three-years-old, my mum and I learnt together. She was 41, she used to sing to me on the chairlift and I would take naps on her lap. 

“She would wake me up at the top and we would do another run.

“All of my best friends I have made through this sport, I have got to travel the globe.

“I feel so grateful to be able to be a part of it and compete at three Olympic Games with this one for GB on behalf of my mum. I love you mum.”


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