Tottenham versus Southampton: People group Player Appraisal


Whoof. I generally disdain putting these up after a discouraging misfortune. What I have any familiarity with fans is that we as a whole will more often than not misrepresent players after successes and misjudge them after misfortunes. It’s human instinct, I presume. Yet, I’m preparing for some genuinely foul player evaluations here after Spikes surrendered a 2-1 lead to lose to Southampton at home 3-2.

Time to rate the players!

Rate the players from 1⁄2 to 5 stars. In the event that the player doesn’t merit a rating because of minutes played, Don’t RANK. I will gather the stars together/down to the closest half-star for the player appraisals not long from now.

Assuming you’re on portable or found this through AMP and the study isn’t showing up beneath, here’s an immediate connection.


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