To risk :Corona can be infected again in a month, protect like this


We must have known many such people who got infected in the second wave and became victims of corona in the third wave even after getting vaccinated. According to scientists, this is a condition of re-infection in which once a patient who has defeated the corona gets caught again or sometimes for the third and fourth time.

Re-infection is possible even within a month.

The opinion of scientists is divided regarding the role of a particular form of corona in the re-infection. There were many such cases in England in which people got infected again in January after getting infected in the wave caused by Omicron in December. Many people have been infected three to four times and such cases have also been found in young children. However, the UK Health Security Agency is defining such cases as possible re-infection in which the patient becomes re-infected 90 days after being infected, because sometimes the infection persists for a long time.

Prevention: Protect yourself with these three measures

– Once infected, follow the mask and distance

People who have been infected must be vaccinated

– If eligible for booster dose, do not abstain at all

Relief – less effect than the first time

British government re-infection statistics show that the patient has less trouble with re-infection than the first time because he has a lower viral load.

Fear – those with mild infection are more at risk

According to scientists, a major factor in re-infection is not getting vaccinated. People who first had a mild infection with a low immune response and recovered from it are also at risk.

Estimates – different forms are responsible

Scientists at Imperial College London claim that the risk of re-infection in Omicron is six times higher than in the Delta form. Some scientists do not consider it to be related to any form.


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