School and Colleges Closed :Complete list of schools and colleges closed in these states like Covid-19


Schools and Colleges Closed in UP, Bihar, Rajasthan, Delhi, Haryana: Corona virus is spreading rapidly in the form of Omicron variant. As a precaution, the governments of different states have announced several steps.

On one hand, while the night curfew has been implemented, on the other hand it has been decided to close the schools as well. Schools have been closed after the increasing case of Omicron in Delhi, Maharashtra, while on the other hand there are many more states where schools have been closed.

Here we will tell about the states where the governments have decided to close the schools.


Educational institutions have been closed in the capital Delhi till further orders.


Schools from classes I to VIII in Maharashtra have been closed till January 31. Talking about Mumbai, schools are closed here from class 1 to 9. However, online education will continue.


Educational institutions are closed in Haryana till January 12, although winter vacation is also declared in Haryana at this time.

Uttar Pradesh

Schools have been closed in Uttar Pradesh till January 14, although winter vacation was already declared from December 31 to January 14.

A state in Eastern India

Due to Covid 19 and cold, a decision has been taken to close schools and colleges in Bihar till January 8.

West Bengal

In view of the increasing cases of corona, the West Bengal government has decided that educational activity in schools and colleges will remain closed till further orders, although administrative work will be done with 50 percent staff.


Schools have been closed in Rajasthan from class 1 to 8 till January 9.


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