When the family members stopped playing the free fire game, a 14-year-old boy came 737 km away and wrote this letter.


Pali, 18 December. ‘Mummy-papa, brother, didi, you don’t let me play the free fire game. Don’t listen to anything of mine. That’s why I am leaving the house with 500 and thousand rupees from home.

Disappeared from the return of Gujarat and went to Pali

Leaving this letter in the school bag, the child who disappeared from Vapi on December 9 was handed over to the parents safely after 6 days with the alertness of the Rani Railway Station Master and Pointman of Pali. Rani Railway Station Master Vinod Kumar told that last evening the pointsman was working in Kishnaram station premises. When a hungry thirsty boy of about 14 years was inquiring about the bar train, he informed me about it.

Called the child and fed him

Together they called the child, fed him food and gave him water and gathered information from the child, then the child turned out to be a resident of Dugrapur near Vapi, Gujarat, and being studying in the school, after telling the name of the school, searched the name of the school on Google and the school administrator On getting the number, both the administrator and the child were talked about on video call. The administrator informed about the missing of the child in Vapi.

Searched for 6 days

The boy’s father Bhagwan Yadav told that his son Abhishek, age 14, who had gone missing from Gate Phalian Near Care Well English Medium School, Dugra. He could not find it even after searching a lot for 6 days. Station master Vinod Kumar told that even before the missing child from Vapi Dugla, the child who reached Rani after missing from Samdari was taken home by the railway employees with mutual cooperation.

He learned to play the free fire game while studying online

Bhagwan Yadav, father of the child Abhishek, told that he learned to play the free fire game while studying online since the lockdown. Deleted the game several times. Hide the mobile Still, the addiction to playing the game could not be stopped and the boy became a psycho while playing the game.


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