T-Mobile Magenta Max Unbelievable Features 2022: Best Features and Plans of Magenta Max

t-mobile magento max plan

T-Mobile Magenta Max Unbelievable Features 2022:

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t-mobile magento max plan unbelievable features 2022
T-Mobile Magento Max unbelievable features 2022


T-Mobile Magenta Max 2022: T-Mobile Magenta Max Launched in market around 24 February 2022. In magenta max Apple provide both the features like 4G and 5G.

Top 4 Features of T-Mobile Magenta Max

T-Mobile Magenta Max Features are given below:

  • First feature magenta max most popular plan is T-Mobile plan in which it include unlimited data.
  • Second, T-Mobile plan also provide minutes.
  • Third, It provides unlimited message as either 40 GB data.
  • Fourth, it provide full high resolution video streaming.

All monthly plans review of T-Mobile plans with unlimited message and unlimited minutes

magento max plan list
Magento Max Plan LIst
Unlimited Data
Line Fees $90.00
Data Included
Minutes Included
Messages Included
Total Cost Unlimited Data
Line 1$85.00
Line 2$140.00
Line 3$170.00
Line 4$200.00
Line 5$230.00
Line 6$260.00
Line 7$290.00
Line 8$320.00
Line 9$355.00
Line 10$390.00
Line 11$425.00
Line 12$460.00
Total cost per line and its cost

T-Mobile pin or Passcode

Pin/passcode are the way to verify your identity when you want to talk with customer care.

  • You must be create your pin/passcode in T-Mobile app or t-mobile.com site.
  • Remember your password and passcode never be same who to use during login process.

Requirement of T-Mobile pin/passcode

Pin/passcode must be in the range of 6-15 non sequential number and cannot be use the following:

  • Sequential like 12345678.
  • Repeating like 2222.


Q1. Magenta Max Plan?

Unlimited Data
Line Fees$90.00

Q2. Is Tmobile Magenta Max really unlimited?