PUBG Lite 0.24.0 New Black Body, No grass, No smoke Config file

PUBG Lite 0.24.0 New Black Body: In this config file we have provide you features such as black body and more features description given as:

PUBG lite 0.24.0 new black body, no grass, no smoke config file
PUBG lite 0.24.0 new black body, no grass, no smoke config file

PUBG Lite 0.24.0 Zero Recoil Config File New Hack Download. Is that Zero Recoil and Aimbot Hack is work in PUBG Lite..yeah you can hack PUBG Lite using This Apk. You Can Use All Weapons With 0% Recoil With Aimbot..Using This Moded APK.

Features of PUBG Lite 0.24.0 config file hack


PUBG aimbots and hacks are probably the most annoying things out there. They will take control of a players aim and automatically target it towards opponents. This can be abused in multiple ways. The most obvious is that every bullet they fire that has a line of sight towards another player will hit, and is the explanation to why other players seem to be able to hit ridiculous cross map shots. (PUBG Lite 0.24.0 New Black Body)

Some aim hacks will also add auto fire, so if the hack detects that it has an unobstructed shot at an opponent it will automatically fire. This is basically an auto win hack, if you even so much go close to someone running this hack you will likely die. Fortunately this will be incredibly obvious in your death replay most of the time, so you can hit that report button and send the cheater packing. 


Recoil is a basic process when a gun shows a reaction to the shooting action. To make it easier, we can say it as the moving of gun towards the upward direction when you are shooting. Whatever the thing is, it is very annoying and affects your game to a huge extent. (PUBG Lite 0.24.0 New Black Body)

The moving gun deviates you from shooting your enemy and you might end up being a box releasing green fumes. The recoil varies in each gun and to check it, you can visit the armory in the game (PUBG Lite 0.24.0 New Black Body).

For example, AKM and Groza have huge damage but the recoil makes it hard for a few players to properly uses its power. The recoil can be controlled using numerous instruments and you can check which attachment instruction suits your gun, but the problem arises when you have the gun without proper attachments to control the recoil.(PUBG Lite 0.24.0 New Black Body)


LESSRECOIL or zero Recoil means no shake during shooting enemies with AKM or Groza with attachment of high scopes like 6x and 4x.Less Recoil also helps for shooting enemies in long range.

Advantages of less Recoil Config file

  • It helps to play as a legend players like pro players. 
  • With this config file we can use any scope in game on any gun like AKM with 6x and more. 
  • This file provide best advantage like to achieve a chicken dinner in most matches. 

Download Config link is here: Click Here

Extra Features (PUBG Lite 0.24.0 New Black Body)

  • No Tree all map
  • No shake
  • No recoil
  • High Damage
  • Auto Headshot
  • Sniper Shot
  • Bullet Tracking 
  • Fast Gun Reload
  • Fast Bullet Speed
  • No Grass All Map
  • All Device Support
  • Extra Health

How To fix this config file in game

Follow these steps to fix this config file properly in game:-

  • Firstly, click on download link.
  • After download file, we can extract in Zarchiver or any other file manager.
  • Copy this extract file. 
  • After this process we can move towards Android folder then tap on data>com.tencent.iglite>files>UE4Game>shadow tracker extra>shadow tracker extra.
  • At last,paste here and enjoy the game.

Note:If you can’t do this process in a right way. May be you can face a problem like I’d banned. So, please fix it in a proper way. Don’t skip this video.