People are surprised to see a thing made of 186 kg gold that suddenly appeared here.


Recently, such a miraculous incident has happened in Central Park in New York, USA, about which everyone is surprised. There a mysteriously kept gold cube was seen. The estimated value of this cube of gold has been estimated at $ 11.7 million i.e. about Rs 87 crore. A security team was also deployed in the security of this Gold Cube.

Suddenly, where did this thing made of gold in the park come from, this was the question in everyone’s mind.

However, now its secret has been exposed. This gold cube has been created by 43-year-old German artist Niklas Castello. He named it ‘Castello Cube’. Niklas publicly placed this gold cube in the park for the launch and promotion of the crypto currency ‘Castello Coin’.

Currently, the price of gold is $ 1,788 (Rs 1 lakh 33 thousand) per ounce, so if this gold cube is put up for sale then it can sell for up to $ 11.7 million (over Rs 87 crore).

It is reported that the weight of this cube made of 24 carat gold is 186 kg. It was reportedly made using a special handmade furnace. To melt such a large amount of gold, the furnace was heated to temperatures in excess of 2,000 degrees Fahrenheit. Artist Niklas Castello’s team told Art Net that the cube was made at a foundry in Aarau, Switzerland.


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