When the Pakistani pilot said in the middle of the journey, I will not fly the plane now after my shift is over


Karachi, January 17th. Have you ever thought that you are traveling by plane and in the middle of the journey the pilot refuses to fly the plane saying that his job shift is over.

Yes, something similar happened in Riyadh, the capital of Saudi Arabia, where a Pakistani pilot refused to fly the plane in the middle of the journey. The pilot said that his duty time has expired, so he will no longer fly the plane. After which there was panic among the pilots.

Angry passengers refused to land

When the pilot of Pakistan International Airlines refused to fly the plane, a problem arose in front of the airlines. The passengers sitting in the plane got angry and started protesting against this. The matter did not settle down here, when the passengers were asked to get off the plane, they also refused to get off the plane. According to the report of Pakistan’s newspaper The Express Tribune, this incident happened with PK 9754 aircraft.

The plane could not fly due to bad weather

When the plane was in Riyadh, due to bad weather, the plane had to land back in Dammam after take off. The captain of the plane refused to take the plane to Islamabad because of the delay in the flight. The pilot said that his duty is over, so he will no longer fly the plane. This attitude of the captain also angered the passengers and they refused to get off the plane. After which airport security had to be called on the spot to get control of the situation.

The arrangement was made keeping in mind the comfort of the pilot

A Pakistan International Airlines spokesperson said that it is very important for the pilots to rest before the flight of the aircraft. In view of this, arrangements were made for the flight of the aircraft. The spokesman said that the passengers would reach Islamabad at 11 pm on Sunday. It is worth noting that there was no direct flight service from Pakistan International Airlines to Saudi. This service has been started only in the month of November last year. PIA currently provides air services to Islamabad, Karachi, Lahore, Multan, Peshawar and other cities of Pakistan.


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