In February, the country’s defense will be ready as400 system will end the people of China and Pakistan in the sky.


New Delhi, Pretr. The Indian Air Force will ensure the deployment of the first battery of state-of-the-art air defense system S-400 by February. Despite America’s strong objection, this defense system purchased from Russia is being deployed at the Air Force Base in Punjab.

Army source has given this information. The deployment of the Air Defense System at the Punjab Air Force Base has started and will be completed in six weeks.

Deployment on Punjab Air Force Base

The S-400 system is being deployed at a location from where it will be able to counter air strikes from both China and Pakistan. This system is capable of detecting and destroying missiles, fighter aircraft, attack helicopters and drones coming from the enemy in the air. There has been a deal with Russia to buy five batteries of this system for about five billion dollars (about 40 thousand crore rupees).

S-400 system purchased despite strong objection from America

This deal between India and Russia has happened despite strong objection from America. The US has banned any defense deal with Russia. Ignoring this ban, the US can take action under the Countering America’s Adversaries Through Sanctions Act (CATSA) for buying weapons or sharing security-related information.

The US has taken action against its NATO ally Turkey under the same law for buying S-400 systems from Russia. During Donald Trump’s tenure, every effort was made to stop this deal between India and Russia, later the Biden administration also tried the same. But the Indian government remained adamant on the decision to purchase the S-400 system. In the US Parliament, the members of the ruling party and the opposition in one voice have demanded not to take action against India under CATSA and have written a letter to the President.


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