Chrysler Sebring Bentley Conversion | #ForSaleFriday Special

Admittedly, this is our most bizarre #ForSaleFriday to date. If you’re really interested in this 60-year-old woman’s dream car, you can check the eBay listing here, however our reason for posting is because of what photographer David Yates discovered while in Florida shooting a car show.

Yes, this is still a Chrysler. Fugazzi Cars of Tampa, FL figured out that the ’01-06 Chrysler Sebring shares virtually identical dimensions to the Bentley Continental GTC and for $10k can convert your  corny Chrysler to a mimic a $250k Bentley.

The rumor is that Fugazzi has a background in fabricating fiberglass hulls for boats which makes sense because the bodies on these conversions are immaculate.

During the conversion process, pretty impressive!

We had a chance to check out the craftsmanship while at SEMA this year and we must say it’s on point! Someone would literally have to tell you it was a phony, even the interior seemed to be spot-on. We’d really like to see a Fugazzi conversion next to the real thing though.

So is this just another kit car? Is it acceptable to ride? Let us know what you think!

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42 thoughts on “Chrysler Sebring Bentley Conversion | #ForSaleFriday Special

    THE BODY however,,,,,,,not so much,  has a toy car look because it looks like ONE BIG PIECE,
    FROM A DISTANCE i could even see that the front was one big piece! and i think he said it was around 8 or 9 thousand bucks…and the same with the rear,,,,
    ONE BIG OLD PIECE…….actually yes…….like a BOAT!(like the ones in the background!)
    GOOD JOB though, i wouldnt spring for it!
    DOESNT FUGAZZI mean fake or wack in hip hop terms?? Just wondering why they chose that name, i thought it to be an ARABIC word. I bet Vinny is shaking in his boots.

  2. EVERYONE BEWARE! My buddy got taken by these guys a few weeks back,and now he’s in small claims fighting to get his $10,000 back and still no kit, no car, nothing mounted…they just took his money and stopped taking his calls. He got dooped by the pics and videos and rushed into it, I’m just saying people should know so they can determine whether they are legitmate or not. As for me, i dont know?

  3. oops! My bad, nah, FUGAZZI are good people, the crooks that took my buddy were based out of port st lucie or stuart, fl
    SO FOR THE RECORD, these are good guys and a nice build!

  4. Beware of fugazzi cars! Go in person, see the work first hand!
    There are 3 pending small claims cases involving their infamous 10grand install
    This Doug marable was forced by fugazzi to withdraw his lawsuit and statements in
    order to get his car released from their shop, read forums and listen to people out
    there and then form your own opinion, a lot of people say they are crooks,
    Plus the whole kit car world knows who the real original builder is, Vincent Cresante
    And not Matt at Foogazi.

    • this fake g-lamb was caught intel department traced his ip address and it showed back to vinnie funny how when someone comes out with a better product some jelous people will do sad things like lie on others to try to make there bussiness better but either way fugazzi has a way better kit then vinnie cresante he can not even produce any pics of finished cars and fugazzi only being around since  aug already has a show car complete to show and 6 more rollers built with pics and videos to prove it

  5. “Nice work man”  in a down economy. this is the way to go! ill take the blue one off your hands for a good price let me know. jp

  6. I think your work is really great! I’d like to get one for myself! Does the exhaust change the sound of the poor little v6 at all? Also, is there an interior conversion kit or is that custom? Thanks XD

  7. i was thinking about geting a c300 but now i saw this and im like wow so ima get a 06 
    Chrysler S then have them do the body kit for 10g then i want to swap the motor and get the vw w12 thats what the bently has so i would like to fit the w12 in there trubo it bor the holes a bit but itlls going be alot of work and a ton of money but i think it will be worth it im only 23 but i think by 26 ill have it all hookeed up i work a wal mart dont pay rent so im sure ill have the money sooner but i think the motor going be hard to do because have to change the motor mounts and get a diffrnt transmishion and swich it to rwd or hopfuly make it awd 

  8. I will purchase 2. If you can get a concept on building the Phantom off of the Lincoln Town Car better than I will purchase a fleet of them for my Limousine company. This is not a joke. Thank you. Let me know how to get a hold of you.. I will await your response on this site. Can I find contact information on Fugazzi cars youtube still? -S.Stone

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  11. Hello to everyone, i must say that everyone that’s putting a negative comment, hope your computer melts. The first time I saw a pic of the blue car back in late sep11, I couldn’t believe it was a kit car. I was really excited when I drove from Miami to the Slamfest show in Gainsville Fl, and was able to see it in person. The blue car was amazing but the Sebring dash and small brakes gave it away. In the other hand, when I ran into it at the 2011 Sema show it really blew my mind! This guys craftsmanship and creativity was beyond, from what I saw 2 weeks earlier. Now the car had identical Bentley interior,dash and console. It also had big brakes! The really cool part of the story is that, while I was admiring the build, there was a guy that had a real wide body Bentley at the show looking at both replicas (the blue one and the primer one without the interior kit)

  12. The guy with the real Bentley was beyond shock when I could not resist to tell him that the blue car was a kit also. He was telling everyone the difference between what he thought was real Bentley and a kit. Once he realize the blue one was a kit, I wish I could of recorded the real Bentley owner’s reaction. I think for Matt that was the ultimate person to judge his car (that wide body real Bentley was super radical). I remember talking to people about it and most people really like it but obviously there’s always some idiot that has to say (but it’s fake) that same guy thinks is ok to put 07′ headlights, bumper and grill on an 99′ F250. I guess that qualifies for a fuggazzi super duty or not!!! LOL

  13. FUGAZZICARS is currentley being sued by VW BENTLEY in excess of 2 MILLION DOLLARS!!!!
    They will therefore never, I REPEAT never be doing this to another sebring again without being held in contempt of court! I rest my case, lols

  14. how can i buy one i want one i have the cash right now im in chicago and the summer time is coming up 

  15. tring to buy a kit. were can i order a kit from. was looking for fugazzicrs< but cant get a contact on them anymore. now that im ready!

    • Not available any more…..he’s working on his own design now. check facebook for more info or mad mechanic’s

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